FLEET MECHANIC Job description

Job Summary: coordinate, prioritizes, overseas, processes all repairs, reports and maintenance of building, all vehicles and equipment used by BAC Transportation. Performing these duties in a professional, timely manner using good Judgment while keeping safety a top consideration.


  • Prioritizes, assigns /processes daily maintenance requests that arise in regards to building and or vehicles.

  • Performs as a working mechanic, under possibly adverse weather conditions

  • Performs various diagnostics and troubleshooting on various mechanical and electrical problems that may be experienced.

  • Orders various parts that may be needed

  • Maintains an inventory of critical parts and

  • monitor the workload by logging in to DriverAnywhere.net daily and responding

  • be regularly accessible by cell/ phone to discuss trip assignments with dispatch

  • advise other drivers about traffic problems such as construction areas, accidents, congestion, weather conditions or other hazards

  • record information as required by the company

  • collect payments from clients when balances are due

  • verifying & checking flight statuses

  • confirm shift availability in a timely manner

  • able to be flexible with job duties

  • report to managers when something is broken or needs repair

  • keep vehicle clean and tidy inside and out

  • fuel vehicles as needed

  • check company assigned email box daily

  • follow directions from the dispatch office regarding updates and schedule changes

  • Executes all terms and conditions as set forth in BAC Transportation’s employee handbook

Must pass pre-employment and random Drug and Alcohol tests

 DOT Health card obtain and keep current

 Must pass background checks to include a good driver history record

 Must be able to read and write in the English language

 Willingness to work weekends and holidays is a must.
Possess a sincere desire for delivering 1st-rate customer service.


Strong work ethic
Flexibility in scheduling
Team spirit
Detail oriented
Multi-tasking capability
Composure under pressure

Current driver’s license

Must be 21 years of age

 Skill requirements:

  • excellent communication skills

  • must be able to communicate by telephone, and in person in a courteous, friendly and professional manner with all clients, vendors, staff and co-workers

  • acknowledges and greets clients within 30 seconds while maintaining a professional and friendly demeanor

  • must be able to learn and remember pick-up and destination points

  • maintains the security of customer financial and identifying information

  • may not provide “lift” services or assistance to any client or hospital guest not in a wheelchair; only offer a hand for assistance

  • ability to work in a highly demanding and highly stressful environment

  • good eyesight, hearing, manual co-ordination and dexterity

  • a good memory for details and procedures

  • good judgment and decision making skills

  • the ability to work well in a team environment

  • be able to back a car or van with trailer proficiently and under pressure

  • be able to follow verbal and written direction

  • be able to learn the driver confirmation system (Driver Anywhere)

Direct Supervisor:



Operations Manager on Duty

Shop Manager Lead Fleet Mechanic

Shift Description:

Shift’s vary and often include, holidays and weekends. They sometimes work longer to complete work orders.

This work requires standing and kneeling for long periods of time. It can be stressful when dealing with emergency situations or with routine work punctuated by very busy periods.